While some people love the whole experience of taking their kids to a pet shop to buy a pure bred cat, there are drawbacks in doing so.

An issue that has been cropping up quite regularly in the news lately is that cat (and dog) breeding is not being diversified enough and this is leading to a massive dilution in the gene pool. This leads to genetic defects being handed down from one generation to another and it can cause a greater risk of cancers and especially neurological problems, deafness and blindness.

There’s also the issue of some breeds – while being attractive to some – also having genetic issues such as problems breathing due to squashed faces and even excess body hair and deformities. So what is the solution? Just head down to your local cat sanctuary and adopt a stray kitty. The best thing about street crossbreeds is that they are the fittest cats out there because of the massive and random gene pool they come from. This will mean less veterinary bills and also less heartache because the cat will be much healthier overall.

There are hundreds of little kittens to choose from and the only thing that the cattery will ask for is a small payment to cover neutering fees and micro chipping. If you can afford it, it is also customary to leave a small donation to help the people who run the place to continue their sterling work. If you are going to opt for a cat from a sanctuary, you might also want to consider adopting a senior cat. These cats often end up in sanctuaries because their owners have gotten old and been taken into care. They are often very sad and just need a welcoming home to let them live out their final years. When they get to that age, they are usually very placid and almost always totally house trained.